Dot Watching The Transcontinental Race #TCRNo6

Dot Watching – what is that?!

Dot watching is how you follow me on the Transcontinental Race. There is no TV coverage, no radio, but there is a better way… Each rider in the race has their own satellite tracker assigned to them, which can be followed on a tracking site in the form of a dot on a map, but you can also interact with me and other riders on social media. No assistance can be provided though, but words of encouragement are most welcome! Some more info below, but you can really get immersed in the race this way.

How to follow me – Rules of Engagement

First thing to mention is that this is a solo self supported race, where any form of outside assistance is not permitted. Any communication with me on the road must not be assistance. “Keep going, you’re doing great” is just fine, but any information about other riders positions, my position or similar is not allowed unless the same information is provided to all the other racers.

Dot Watching

Official Dots:

TBC Dot watching sites – URL’s guessed based on previous years. Will confirm before the race:

One of the most interesting things with the dot watching is using the many different resources on the internet to follow progress. Watch the tracking site seeing where a rider stops, then zooming in on Google Street Maps to have a look what is there, look on weather sites to see the conditions they are facing, then check social media to see what they’re saying. A truly unique way to get an insight into the race!

New this year is the fascinating site for all your dot watching needs:

This site will provide some brilliant insights into the race from veterans providing commentary and updates. They also track other races, so worth checking them out!

Also, check out this post from previous years TCR:

And a post from Brooks blog:

Social media

My hash tag: #TCRNo6cap5 – Cap #5

It’s not just me!

There are 300 entrants to the TCR No. 6, so there are plenty of others to follow. In fact, there are so many other stories out there to get hooked on, it would be a shame to just follow my dot! Get involved, get tweeting and chatting with the dot watching community.

Official channels:

twitter hashtag: #TCRNo6

TCR Social Media:

Other riders to watch:

Check out the full rider list and bios here:


Header photo credit: Lian van Leeuwen



One thought on “Dot Watching The Transcontinental Race #TCRNo6

  1. I am looking forward to following you and others, Matt! All the very best of luck for a safe and enjoyable adventure! And thanks for putting this post together to encourage others into the fabulous and addictive passtime that is dot watching!


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