Italy Divide Part 2: Bologna to Torbole

Part 1 available here:┬áThe Italy Divide – Part 1: Rome to Bologna Day 3: Gravel Grinding the Po Valley Breakfast was not an option at the hotel, but was glad to leave it despite a late start at 8 am. I had some McDonald’s left over from the night before to keep me going for the first couple of hours. The previous days effort, and illness from the start had started to catch up with me and was feeling a little worse for wear with a hint of a cold coming on. Despite this, I was determined to give it bit of a nudge today. In … Continue reading Italy Divide Part 2: Bologna to Torbole

The Italy Divide – Part 1: Rome to Bologna

What is the Italy Divide? Checkout my post from last April 2018 with all the info┬áDot Watching the Italy Divide The Bike for the Italy Divide I updated my Curve Cycling Belgie Spirit with a few modifications to accommodate going off road. Bigger tyres, more gears, and some MTB SPD pedals & shoes (for all the walking I’d end up doing). I also added some proper lights – Exposure Diablo and Strada for negotiating trails at night. The rest of the bike was as per my normal Transcontinental road bikepacking setup. Aero bars, with eTap blip shifters, Apidura bags, dynamo lights. Rome Starting the Italy Divide … Continue reading The Italy Divide – Part 1: Rome to Bologna

Dot Watching the Italy Divide

It’s Race Time! So spring has arrived (feeling like summer), and I’m about to begin the first race of the year. In previous years for me it’s been all about the Transcontinental Race, a 4,000 km self supported bike packing race from one side of Europe to the other. I would normally just be thinking about more training, planning, and general preparation for the TCR around this time of year. To mix things up a bit this time around I’ve thrown my hat into some off road riding and the Italy Divide. I’m not setting any expectations for the race other than to enjoy it as … Continue reading Dot Watching the Italy Divide