TCR No. 6 : Getting to the Start Line

A lot of tarmac has passed under my tyres since the 2018 TCR, No. 6, and I’ve been meaning to get it all documented. It was an incredibly fortunate year on the TCR, with lots of challenges, and lots to tell. Better late than never, I guess!? Before getting into the race and how all that went, I’d thought I’d go through some things that got me to the start line. I may have gone through similar to this before in the past two years, so feel free to check out some of my older posts on TCR’s No. 4 & TCR No. 5. Training and … Continue reading TCR No. 6 : Getting to the Start Line

The Italy Divide – Part 1: Rome to Bologna

What is the Italy Divide? Checkout my post from last April 2018 with all the info Dot Watching the Italy Divide The Bike for the Italy Divide I updated my Curve Cycling Belgie Spirit with a few modifications to accommodate going off road. Bigger tyres, more gears, and some MTB SPD pedals & shoes (for all the walking I’d end up doing). I also added some proper lights – Exposure Diablo and Strada for negotiating trails at night. The rest of the bike was as per my normal Transcontinental road bikepacking setup. Aero bars, with eTap blip shifters, Apidura bags, dynamo lights. Rome Starting the Italy Divide … Continue reading The Italy Divide – Part 1: Rome to Bologna

Chasing The Circus

The Tour de France Back in July of 2018 I was at a bit of a loose end. I had the TCR coming up in 3 weeks time, and I needed to get away on the bike for a weekend, mostly to just enjoy riding but also to try a few bits and pieces out ahead of the TCR. I also was super keen to take the opportunity to go and watch the Tour de France that was moving through northern France, so a short hop over the channel would give me a chance to get up close to the action. Planning After looking into ferries, … Continue reading Chasing The Circus

Stupid me #1

It’s amazing how much you can learn in the first few days of the Transcontinental Race, things that you would have thought you might have picked up before hand. I decided to make a list of some of those points in the hope that I’ll remember them for TCR No. 5. At least that is the hope! Failing that, it makes for an entertaining list of stupid or funny things that I did, or should have done, or that just happened during the race. I’ve a feeling this is going to be a long ish list, some funny, some just plain dumb, others a little concerning … Continue reading Stupid me #1

TCR No 5 Training Update – Feb to May

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, and there’s a lot that has happened in that time. I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been up to as part of training for the TCR (aka just having fun riding my bike… mostly), and then give an overview of where I am in my training and preparation. The Curve Belgie Spirit The first thing to mention is I managed to build up my ‘adventure’ bike at the end of February. I’d trained an awful lot over winter on a fabulous Colnago aluminium CX bike, clocking up over 4,000 km since December, but it … Continue reading TCR No 5 Training Update – Feb to May

Heading for Some Mac n Cheese

Its time to take my new TCR machine on a test ride to my mums for some macaroni cheese. She makes the best. Trick is, she lives 430km away in St. Davids, in South West Wales. You can read all about my trip for Mac n Cheese last year here: TCR Training Ride This year, I’ll be riding my new bike from Curve Cycling that I bought from G!RO Cycles, a Ti Belgie Spirit built with most of the parts from the old bike. I’ve had a couple of rides so far and I’m seriously impressed. I’ve been riding with a huge grin on my face most of … Continue reading Heading for Some Mac n Cheese

Pre-Race: Final Training – June & July

I’ve been a bit lax with blogging in the lead up to the Transcontinental Race. I was busy with work, riding and the final preparations and it was one more thing that I figured I would put off until the end. There is now an awful lot to tell you about! First up, I had some great fun in June & July with some awesome rides, carrying on from my theme in May, #RideWithMates, and some TCR training rides I’d been putting off. It was a very good couple of months! Wiggle Dragon Ride I was fortunate to win a place in the Dragon Ride thanks to … Continue reading Pre-Race: Final Training – June & July

May Update: Ride with mates!

May has been a great month for enjoying riding my bike. I’ve ridden further in May than any other before, and have had the best time doing it. Riding with mates makes training so much easier, and much more fun! I’m really quite fortunate to be part of a small group of really good friends who are more than crazy enough to take on some bizarre challenges on two wheels. This month especially so. London 2 Paris 24h / Paris 2 London Solo 24h So what’s been going on? This month started with an absolutely fantastic weekend cycling to Paris and then back again. You can read (and probably … Continue reading May Update: Ride with mates!

April Update – Cold Inspiration

The past month has been an interesting time, with lots of plans rewritten as a result of a spell of illness and not the best of weather for this time of year. It’s been far from a bad month, just one that hasn’t gone to plan. Tour of Flanders A lads weekend away to watch the Ronde van Vlaanderan. What could go wrong? At the last minute, our driver and organiser and all round legend Jordan, had to drop out at the last minute to look after work commitments, which mean that we had a last minute call to fill the space, and I needed to drive … Continue reading April Update – Cold Inspiration

Training for the Transcontinental Race

How do you train for a 2,500 mile solo unsupported bicycle race? I’ve never done one before, so in all honesty I don’t really know. What I do know is that I love riding my bike, and I believe that as long as I’m doing that I’m at least on the right track. Now, what I do know has led to me a basic plan. A lot of people have asked me what training I’m doing, and I thought I would share this loose plan in order to ‘get fit’ for this race. There are a few parts to this… 1. Consistency I’ve always believed that this is … Continue reading Training for the Transcontinental Race