TCR No. 6 : Getting to the Start Line

A lot of tarmac has passed under my tyres since the 2018 TCR, No. 6, and I’ve been meaning to get it all documented. It was an incredibly fortunate year on the TCR, with lots of challenges, and lots to tell. Better late than never, I guess!? Before getting into the race and how all that went, I’d thought I’d go through some things that got me to the start line. I may have gone through similar to this before in the past two years, so feel free to check out some of my older posts on TCR’s No. 4 & TCR No. 5. Training and … Continue reading TCR No. 6 : Getting to the Start Line

Dotwatching the Transcontinental Race #TCRNo7

Here we go again! So I’m back again for the 4th time, racing the Transcontinental Race. It starts In Burgas, Bulgaria on 27th July at 6am CEST (4am GMT). I’m looking forward to getting back on the road, but I’ve not had the best preparation. I imagine the expectations after last years 2nd place mean they are quite high, however I’m not as fit or as close to race weight as I’d like, so have taken the pressure off myself; my goals this race are to have a go, see how I feel and enjoy myself as much as possible. I’m looking forward to getting to … Continue reading Dotwatching the Transcontinental Race #TCRNo7

Dot Watching The Transcontinental Race #TCRNo6

Dot Watching – what is that?! Dot watching is how you follow me on the Transcontinental Race. There is no TV coverage, no radio, but there is a better way… Each rider in the race has their own satellite tracker assigned to them, which can be followed on a tracking site in the form of a dot on a map, but you can also interact with me and other riders on social media. No assistance can be provided though, but words of encouragement are most welcome! Some more info below, but you can really get immersed in the race this way. How to follow me – … Continue reading Dot Watching The Transcontinental Race #TCRNo6