‘It’s just a bike ride’

It’s something I’ve said off hand a few times when others have asked how I can do big rides or ultra cycling events, or even when someone is concerned over a big or challenging day out on the bike. It is also something I always remind myself when coming up against a new challenge, or if it’s been a while since I’ve ridden a longer distance and I have some doubts. Perhaps a little over simplistic, but when you look at it this way, it really is that simple at the heart of it.

What could be simpler than riding a bike?

This is why I love riding bikes, and riding them far. It’s such a simple way of travelling from place to place, and when you are in the moment you can focus on only that which is important in the moment. Turning the pedals, eating and drinking. Maybe following your course.

There’s not much to think about in order to do this, but I love how your mind wonders. Yes, you need to get your kit right, plan sufficiently to ensure that when you are on the ride it is still the easy part. But all those day to day worries, the daily struggle of life and work – you can let go of all those things, all the little things in life that trouble you, stress you out and fill your mind with worries and noise.

The simple pleasure of freeing your mind and enjoying the world around you is what I look forward to each time I take on a big ride.

Free your mind and your legs will follow

Velominati Rule #6

I’m looking forward to doing lots of that this year, and hopefully our world opens up again and we get some freedom to travel where our legs take us.

Where will your bike take you?

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