Dotwatching The Transcontinental Race #TCRNo8

TCR No. 8

I’m back for the 5th time racing the Transcontinental race. The start is on Sunday 24th July, 2200 CEST (2100BST) and has moved back to what feels like its spiritual starting point Geraardsbergen, Belgium.

Competition looks to be fierce this year with an incredibly strong lineup. Checkout the start list here, or check out the hashtag #tcrno8riders on Instagram.

The Route

The route is back to it’s somewhat traditional West to East direction finishing in 2019’s start, Bourgas, Bulgaria with controls:

  • Start: Geraardsbergen, Belgium
  • CP1: Krupka, Czech Republic
  • CP2: Passo Gavia, Italy
  • CP3: Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
  • CP4: Transalpina, Romania
  • Finish: Bourgas, Bulgaria

I can’t wait to get going.

How to follow the race

Websites where you can follow the race in few places:

You can also follow me on social media with hashtag: #TCRNo8Cap5 or:

Dotwatching – what is that?!

Dot watching is how you follow me on the Transcontinental Race. There is no TV coverage, no radio, but there is a better way… Each rider in the race has their own satellite tracker assigned to them, which can be followed on a tracking site in the form of a dot on a map, but you can also interact with me and other riders on social media. No assistance can be provided though, but words of encouragement are most welcome! Some more info below, but you can really get immersed in the race this way.

Rules of engagement

Most important thing to mention is that this is a solo self supported race, where any form of outside assistance is not permitted. Any communication with me on the road must not be assistance. “Keep going, you’re doing great” is just fine, but any information about other riders positions, my position or similar is not allowed unless the same information is provided to all the other racers.

It’s not just me!

There are 278 entrants to the TCR No. 8 so there are plenty of others to follow. In fact, there are so many other stories out there to get hooked on, it would be a shame to just follow my dot! Get involved, get tweeting and chatting with the dot watching community.

Official channels:

twitter hashtag: #TCRNo8

TCR Social Media:

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